A Note From The Paleo Magazine Expo

In May, Paleo f(x) announced a rebranding that indicated they were moving away from the term “Paleo.” We were concerned that the Paleo community would no longer have an event dedicated to this lifestyle about which we are all so passionate, so we began organizing an expo to fill this void.

However, a few months later, Paleo f(x) reconfirmed their dedication to Paleo by announcing they will maintain the Paleo f(x) brand and continue their 100-percent commitment to the community. A community—a movement—is always strongest when it is united. Our goal has never been to create division or unnecessary competition. As such, we are proud to announce our renewed partnership with our friends Michelle and Keith Norris, founders of Paleo f(x).

With our confidence renewed that Paleo f(x) will continue to serve the Paleo community as the preeminent gathering it has always been, the Paleo Magazine Expo in Boulder has been canceled. As always, you can count on finding us at our usual booth, right at the entrance, at Paleo f(x) in Austin this April, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Cain, Bryan, and the rest of the Paleo Magazine Team